Best eToro Day Traders

More people are starting trading online, with this, more companies are offering different benefits to try to get more users and one of the strategies the same platforms are doing is to invest in their best traders to call the attention of those who have the will to make money with the online market.

eToro is one of them. With many successful traders on its side, it was easy for the platform to start to invest in copy trading. Most of them are wise and experienced traders on the market.

The tools as Copy Trade and Day Trade are perfect for those who want easy and fast ways to gain some profit.

What is eToro?


eToro is a stock exchange marketing company that uses automated software to help users to negotiate online. This platform also has some types of trading that can be very tempting for those who like to trade, such as Copy Trade and Day trade.

Day trade is a short version of “normal” trading, where the user chooses to deal in a short period of time, with the clock set.  He chooses which stock he wants to trade and how much he is able to invest too.

Copy Trade is when the user chooses another trader that has opened his trading history and decided to copy the moves that are suitable for him. The automated platform follows the same style of negotiation and keeps investing exactly as the other trader used to do. This can be very helpful for those who are starting in this business.

But who are those people that are opening their history to everybody? How can you choose among them? Are you going to be successful as the trader you choose? We did research, just keep reading and you will see it.

  • Different styles of trader
  • Easy access
  • Security system
  • Fast system
  • 24 hours of customer service
  • Limited ways to cash out

Best eToro Day Traders

As we said before, there are lots of available traders to copy and you need to do your homework. As Day Trading is the fastest way to trade, you will have to search for those that have more success in doing this type of negotiation.

The options of eToro Day Traders to choose from are big, so take your time and choose wisely. remember, the platform will copy the previous moves made by those you choose.

etoro review screenshot


eToro Copy Trade registration guide

Before you find out which ones are the best ones, you need to open an account with eToro. To do this, you need to go to the eToro website and choose the option Copy Trade.

Once on their page, you will see the form to be filled with your details. We are going to give the step by step here:

Step 1: Open an account

Write your details, full name, phone numbers, and email. After you do that, click on follow.

etoro open account

Step 2: Identification and confirmation process

After the deposit is done, you will receive an email to confirm. This is a way to keep your information secure, which is very good. Click on the link that is in the way and confirm your account.

etoro upload documents

This is also good because shows the level of security that the platform provides.

Step 3: Deposit

A minimum deposit is required by eToro. You can choose different ways to do the initial deposit of $250. You can use a credit or debit card, Bitcoins, Bank transfer, etc.

etoro deposit

Step 4: Copy Trade area

Well, now you are able to trade. But if you wish to do copy trading, you need to access the area, just click on the copy trading button and go to the page.

etoro watchlist

5. Choose your trader

Once you are on the page, you will see all the traders that are available for you to copy. You need to take a little bit of your time to search and choose the best one for you. When you decide who you want to copy, click on the profile and “copy”.

etoro people search

6. Start trading

Done, now you can go to the real deal. The platform will copy exactly the moves from that trader you choose before. Make sure that your choice was for Day trade.

etoro trading

There is not the best one, the truth is that they are all very good, but some of them will fit more with your way of trade and others less. Some of them have a lot of copy traders, others are less. The key is really to search for and choose the ideal one.

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Best Traders To Copy eToro

To find out who is the best, we had to see how eToro chooses the traders that will be available to copy. And we can say, it is not easy to become a trader to be copied.

For this and other reasons, to name a few of them is very hard. The system that eTor uses to choose is a very high standard and demands lots of experience from those who want to be candidates to be copied. And believe me, if you are a successful trader, you want to be copied. They have to pass through eToro’s popular investor program.

eToro Popular Investor Review

The program was created for those who wish to share the experience and make some extra cash too. The program is a way to be seen and to give you a chance to have your successful negotiations to be copied.

Is not an easy process, in our research, we find out that even some very experienced traders are able to join the program, they are very selective when it comes to choosing those who will be available on the platform.

Top Traders Portfolio

Being part of this exclusive portfolio is like being royalty to the traders. Once you access the page where you have access to the portfolio, the user will see all the details about the traders and read about their history too.

There are lots of options and different types of traders, choose carefully. Your success will depend on this choice.

Best Day Traders on eToro – Our final word

Well as mentioned several times before, it is very hard to decide which one is the best or even to choose the top 5. Really depends on how you want to trade and how much you want to win.

So many different profiles and they are all very good in how they trade. But never forget that investing is not an easy thing, and the market floats a lot. So, invest at your own risk.

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Who to copy on eToro?

Impossible to decide. During our research, we saw so many good and experienced traders that it was very hard to choose.

How much can I profit using copy trade?

This will depend on the trader you are copying, but we saw comments online saying that you can make up to 300% form the initial deposit in less than 30 days