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Before we start to talk about the mains subject, we want to give a little explanation, especially for those that don’t know about Reddit yet, and the importance it has on reviews like the eToro review.

Reddit is a social network where the users can upload different types of content, such as images, post, etc. and other users are allowed to comment and vote if is a positive content or a negative content.

It was founded in 2005 and has been owned by a few different companies since. The new Reddit is a combination of the phrase “read it” and is free and available to anyone who wants to publish, comment, post or simply just read and evaluate the content.

There you can find any type of subject you want; the users can discuss and express their opinions freely. If you want to know about something, sure you will find it there.

What is Reddit eToro review?

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As we mentioned before, Reddit is a social network where anyone can leave their story, comment or any type of digital content they wish to show to the world and the comments about online trading are very common, not just because it is the new sensation but also because there are a lot of different experiences to be told.

With eToro is not different. We saw so many reviews about the software and so many people there are using it and also curious to know about the success that the users are having when they trade with eToro. This is why other people who have already started trading with eToro decided to make an eToro reddit review.

All the reviews are open to anyone who wants to comment and read. The numbers of amazing reviews are, by far, distant from the unsatisfactory ones that we saw. Of course, there are not that good reviews, after all, no one can please everybody.

eToro seems to be doing an amazing job, according to the Reddit reviews, and because of that, it’s getting more and more users to use the benefits especially from the eToro Copy Trade tool.

What is eToro?


eToro is a platform that uses an automated system to help the user to exchange or trade currencies and stock exchange assets. The platform helps anyone who wishes to enter this market and the system can also help to make high profits with the deals. So, we decided to go to Reddit and see what people are talking about the auto trading platform eToro. Take a look.

  • Options of Traders to copy
  • Easy and simple interface
  • Security system
  • 24 hours of customer service
  • Limited currencies acceptable for deposit

eToro Copy Trade review Reddit

Those that are used to the terms and words of trading, know that copy trading is one of the new sensations to use as one of the main tools to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, CDFs, stock exchange shares, and more. But if you are not familiar with copy trading we will give a glimpse of what it is and why you can take advantage of it.

eToro Copy Trade is a way of trading that the user can choose a successful existence and experienced trader profile to copy his moves and make it profit from it. Making this, the new trader can set the parameters for which kind of currencies he wants to negotiate and also the amount, by doing the same as the other trader that he chose.

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The Reddit reviews we found were 95% very good, the other 5% not so good, but we found out that those who gave not satisfactory reviews were new traders that were affected by the anxiety and made bad moves without previously thinking or research.

This type of market has a lot of ups and downs and people need to understand that what was worth buying yesterday can be a bad deal today. That’s why some people were not happy about the copy trade system.

If you are curious about how to start trading with eToro Copy Trade, we will give you the step by step. It’s easy, simple, and fast.

eToro Copy Trade registration guide

Step 1: Open an account

First of all, you need to access the eToro website. Right on the first page, you will the form where you can provide your information.

Name, email and phone number are the main information for you to start your registration process. After that, click to open your account.

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Step 2: Identification and confirmation process

After your first step, eToro will send you an email of confirmation and also a phone call. That’s why very important to put the right information on the first part of the process.

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This is also good because shows the level of security that the platform provides.

Step 3: Deposit

Once you’ve completed the identification process, you will send to the deposit page, where you will create your virtual wallet. This is where you will make your initial deposit and also keep all your profits.

The minimum asked by eToro is $250 and you use bank transfer, PayPal, Bitcoins, and credit or debit card.
etoro review reddit

Step 4: Start investing

Ok, now you are ready to trade. There are many options to start your trading, but the most common is the Copy Trade.

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In the live section of trading, you will find the button for Copy. After you click there you will see the list of traders that are available for you to copy. Choose your favorite and click on blue button “Copy”.

etoro reddit review

Now just relax, eToro program will follow all the moves and deals that the trader you chose were doing and close a similar deal on your behalf.Visit eToro

eToro Review UK Reddit

Other interesting data we found is that most of the reviews came from the UK. About 60% of all the people that use Reddit to express their opinion about eToro were UK based. But why is that? Let’s see what the reviews are saying.

Not only eToro is very popular in Uk but also Reddit. The combination of two powerful tools makes people wanted to be heard and also to try to find more details about it. And Reddit was the perfect channel for this.

The reviews about eToro UK on Reddit are one more proof that the platform is not fooling around, it is serious and takes every single aspect of trading very serous. And the most comment topic was about the eToro copy trade system.

eToro Copy Trader system is by far one of the most used types of trading and also more reliable, according to the Reddit reviews.

eToro reviews on Reddit – Our verdict

No doubt that those who are seeking to get know a bit more about the platform or that wishes to express their feeling about eToro Copy Trade are using Reddit as a main source of those things. And we can say that they are very good, honest, and direct reviews you can find on the internet.

eToro Copy Trader is well known all over the world as one of the best copy tradings that exists online at the moment and you can confirm that by reading the eToro reviews on Reddit.

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Is the Reddit eToro reviews reliable?

As we said at the beginning, Reddit is an open social network, which means that anyone can create an account read, and comment about anything they want.

That’s is the main reason that we can rely on the reviews because the users are there because they want to express themselves.

Who can use eToro Copy Trade?

To use eToro Copy Trade you need to subscribe yourself to their website. Is free and anyone can do it. After the new trader confirms the account, they can choose to do the copy trade system.

Is it possible to profit with eToro Copy Trade?

By reading the Reddit reviews we could confirm that a lot of people are making very good profits using the eToro Copy Trade. Some people are saying that they should even stop their jobs to dedicate only to trading.

There is no exact number, it all depends on the investment you do, but on the Reddit reviews, you’ll see people saying that made over 400% from the initial deposit.